Dress Code

Pure Dance Works Dress Code
Good News!
The Required Leotard & Tights Or T-shirt & Pants Are Included As Part Of Your Super Simple Monthly Fees!


Dewdrop Dance & Sparkle Dress Code - Classic colors kids love identify each age group and make getting dressed for class easy.

Ripple Dress Code - Ages 7 and up, choose your favorite styles from the Ripple Catalogue to get a look that suits your body type and matches your personality!

Please note, shoes are not included in your Super Simple Monthly Fees due to a wide variation in prices and personal preference. We do stock all shoes for your convenience. 

How important is a dress code in dance class?
In addition to saving dance parents time and money, the dress code: 
1) Helps a young dancer understand they are going to a structured class (compared to unstructured playtime).
2) Unifies dancers, helping them to understand that they are part of something bigger than themselves.
3) Ensures that clothing is not a distraction during class. 
4) Ensures that the dancer is appropriately dressed to be necessarily covered. 
5) Ensures that each dancer has the same style and color of shoes and tights for stage performances. 
The PDW Dress Code is mandatory; however, occasionally dancers will be rewarded with days when they may wear whatever they choose to class.

Dress Code Notes For All Classes

  • Only small piercings are acceptable in class. No other jewelry is allowed for safety.
  • Hair always needs to be in a bun for ballet for ages 5+. All other classes may have a bun, ponytail or braid(s)....as long as all hair is completely secured off the face and neck. No extravagant hair accessories, please. 
  • NO underwear or bras that show, please. Traditionally, a leotard is worn without underwear or bras, like a swimsuit, even for pre-schoolers. If desired, we advise dancers to wear nude dance briefs. The uniform leotard is supportive enough that a bra is usually not needed underneath. If you do require a bra under a leotard, a nude leotard or dance bra is your best bet. Bras of any type may not show. Nude leotards are available for sizing and ordering at the front desk.
  • Students wearing a leotard must always cover their legs with tights, pants, or close-fitting shorts for modesty's sake. See class specific dress code for leg covering requirements. 
  • Warm-ups such as leg warmers and sweaters may be worn to and from class, but must be removed after the warm-up portion of the class is over.
  • Dance shoes should never be worn outside.

Splash Classes 
Splash classes are all classes that do not meet on a weekly basis

Splash students may wear any comfortable, modest, easy to move in clothing. Leotards, tights, and dance shoes are always acceptable. In addition, students may wear a t-shirt and leggings or similar clothing to Splash Classes. Little Dancer Series students may dress up if desired; a soft base layer is recommended under costumes. Secure all hair completely off of the face and neck. No jeans, please. Socks are ok for Splash Classes.


Email any apparel questions to info@puredanceworks.com.