photo Anne Fernandes

Anne's favorite pastime is reading in a quiet place. If she can sneak off to the Mocha Lounge, all the better. That's pretty rare though, as she and her husband run a household of five children, one dog, and two cats. Anne is a homeschool mom, physical therapist, novice knitter, and loves to swim and dance; especially tap dancing! Yep, Anne's a beloved tap teacher here at Pure Dance Works. In addition, her passion to enable students of all abilities to dance makes her a perfect fit for teaching Access Dance, a hip hop class for students with disabilities. Did we mention Anne's love for early-childhood kiddos and their parents? She is a trained and certified  Kindermusik Educator who curates delightful music and movement classes for littles and their caregivers. Leading children through playful activities toward their next milestones and walking alongside parents in their journey brings her a lot of joy.

photo Annika Kroeker

Annika has been performing in musicals and dancing since she was a young child. When she needs a break, she loves to relax by journaling and preserving her memories. If she's feeling crafty, calligraphy is one of her loves. Annika lives with her parents, siblings, and dog, Elsbeth. A teacher at heart, besides teaching Musical Theatre and dance, Annika instructs students in strings, Latin, and English.

photo Brook Sullivan

Brook and her husband are both physical therapists and parents to seven homeschooled kiddos. The family dog, Peanut, gets lots of attention! Brook loves reading her favorite book, the Bible, and taking long walks with her family. She eats a mostly plant-based diet and loves her 85% dark chocolate! Brook grew up dancing and has a heart for quality education. Trained and certified in Kindermusik, Leap ‘N Learn, and Rhythm Works Integrative Dance, Brook combines her love of children and expertise in early childhood education to create delightful experiences for her students in every class.

photo Heather Bemisderfer

Heather is a tap-loving homeschool mom of five who spends a lot of her time helping her children achieve their goals. For a treat, she loves chocolate or a good pedicure. Her culinary appreciation for Sapporo is unparalleled. Heather has owned a dance studio in days gone by, and is fluent in several styles of dance. Her desire to train students properly from an early age with positivity and enthusiasm is apparent in every class she teaches. 

photo Jayda Hazelett

Jayda has been with Pure Dance Works since it’s inception in 2011. Her excellent rapport with children makes her a much-beloved ballet teacher. Jayda loves quality time with others, especially over a cup of good coffee or at Baker’s Street for a special occasion. Her favorite book and movie is Little Women. She loves her dog, Iivi and cat, Lebam...ask her how Lebam got his name some time....

photo Kayla Stump

Kayla loves children and has served as a nanny to several families over the years.  She is an avid movie watcher, with Harry Potter topping her list of Best Movies of All Time, of course! Kayla loves enjoying a good meal with family and friends, especially if it's at Granite City. Her cat, Newt Scamander, is one of her favorite "people" in the world.

photo Lydia Lund

Lydia is an avid reader, with Anne of Green Gables being her favorite series ever. A homeschooler, Lydia started at Pure Dance Works assisting in Miss Tiina's Tuesday morning classes in 2015.  She loves teaching ballet and has an uncanny nack of picking up names in a wink. Lydia enjoys the occasional outing to DeBrand or a movie night. Or maybe both! War Horse is her all-time favorite movie. Her professional goal is to join a small dance company after high school, and while we will miss her dearly, we will rejoice with her when that happens!

photo Riley Schmitt

Miss Riley is a pre-professional advanced ballerina who also loves hip hop. Her composed demeanor and confidence in her student's abilities provide a sense of assurance in the classroom. Outside the studio, you'll find Riley camping and hiking...not surprising since her favorite book series is The Hunger Games. Never one to shirk adventure, Riley plans to become a certified scuba diver in the near future. 

photo Taylor Frazier

Taylor is your friendly Welcome Concierge. She has a smile for everyone who comes through the door at Pure Dance Works, and she handles everything you can think of with elegance and ease. Taylor enjoys decorating her home, traveling, and anything "dessert!" Favorite hangouts include Chik-Fil-A with her sweet kiddos, Baker Street with hubby Rick, and Target (solo!). 

photo Tiina Hazelett

Tiina is the founder and director of Pure Dance Works. She is the mom of three mostly grown-up young ladies and the wife of one awesome husband. Most of her days are spent working behind the scenes of the studio. Tiina highly values anything having to do with stories for the entertainment and educational opportunities they provide. That's probably why her very favorite role at work is leading 3 & 4-year-old ballerinas through a class full of imagery and pretend play.  Beyond the studio, Tiina enjoys reading and watching historical fiction,  playing long board games, being outside in warm weather, and traveling. She also loves taking tours of any place, and she thinks that being a tour guide in later life would be the icing on the cake.